iEx makes Importing as easy as thinking about it..!!

Import Shipments from over 180+ Countries World-wide and pay at the time of delivery

iEx is pleased to introduce the express import system in Bangalore. The service has been designed keeping the requirements of our customers in mind. iEx has always tailored unique express logistics solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers and with this system, it allows the customer to access all the quotations and provide an overview of all the import orders conveniently.

iEx enhances its current Express Import services and is available to all customers (Personal, Samples or Commercial) regardless the type or size of their business, and whether they are sourcing finished goods, personal effects or spare parts from multiple suppliers around the world.

One unique feature of iEx Import system is the option to request a quotation before the booking is completed. This means customers can effectively decide when their import shipment will arrive and at what cost.

iEx Import system not only offers greater control, it is convenient to use and highly automated. The importing customer enters orders online and connects to the sender via email. iEx takes care of language barriers, produces the necessary paperwork for the sender, and handles collection, transportation, customs clearance as required and delivery of the consignment to the designated address.

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